I'm so glad you're here.

My name is Allison Lau-Srivastava and I am a licensed and PSYPACT-certified psychologist in the state of Washington. I provide experiential and culturally attuned psychotherapy to individuals and couples.  


You don’t
have to heal alone.

Experiences of loss, anxiety and depression can lead to a terrifying void when we are trying to get through it alone.  Our aloneness is magnified when oppressive systemic forces lead us to question our reality and worth. My approach to individual and couples therapy is deeply relational, experiential, and healing. This means that I will wholeheartedly witness your stories of struggle, pain, loss, and shame, as well as your stories of survival, resilience, courage, wisdom, and love. I will also help us name the external systems and power dynamics that might be impacting you and us.

Together, we would undo the pain of being alone in the struggle.  We would explore possibilities and experiment with new behaviors so that you embody (feel) a new experience of connection with your true self as well as with others.  Seeking therapy is an extremely courageous and sometimes scary process.  Thank you for taking this risk by taking this first step.  My website is meant to inform you as much as possible about what it might feel like to work with me in psychotherapy.

Allison Lau-Srivastava, Ph.D.

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